Generations of people who play video games play them with game controllers on game consoles (e.g., Playstation or Xbox). Because people are used to playing games with the game controller, they would like to play their PC games the same way. It is difficult to do so, however,  because controllers must be manually programmed or configured by the gamer in order to play PC games. The process is so time consuming and arduous, many gamers give up. Game controllers also lack an effective means to type. Being able to type text messages in a PC video game is critical to game play.


Blue Orb’s PC software, called SwitchBlade PRO, allows gamers to play PC video games with a game controller without having to manually configure the controller. SwitchBlade PRO automatically programs the controller to play a specific game and includes Blue Orb’s patented typing technology called the Texter. The Texter technology allows gamers to type using only the two joysticks on the controller. Playing PC games with a game controller makes playing the games easier and the experience more relaxing, comfortable, enjoyable, nostalgic, and in many instances more competitive. SwitchBlade PRO addresses the need where frustrated gamers who wish to use their game controllers to play PC games can now do so.


Of the 174 million video game players in the U.S., 70 million play PC or console games. Sixty percent (60%) of them, or 42 million, play both PC and console games, and have a preference for playing them with a game controller. These 42 million gamers represent Blue Orb’s target market. They are predominately male, 18 to 45 years old, spend 8 house playing video games, and spend over $1,000/year on video games.

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